How to Monetize a Website? 8 Effective Ways to Earn Money!

If you are thinking of creating a website or have already set up a website, then probably now you are thinking about how to monetize a website. Because, in digital marketing, it is not enough to just set up a website, but it is also necessary to monetize them to earn money.

However, there can be many different ways to earn money from any website and each method has its own unique features. So in this article, I am going to tell you about 8 such effective methods using which you too can start earning online.

What does website monetization mean?

Generally, website monetization means that, making a website capable of earning money online. However, it requires a lot of effort and strategies as well as some technical knowledge, all of which work together to achieve your goal.

When talking about website monetization, it also requires a good amount of visitors. This is the most important essence or power of a website which will open various sources of earning for you.

Therefore, as a website owner, gaining visitors to your website should be your first goal and not the first thing you should try for monetization.

How Many Ways You Can Monetize a Website?

So, till now we have understood website monetization, let us now know about different types of monetization methods and their strategies. Generally, most of us prefer and are more familiar with Google AdSense for website monetization.

However, it is a fact that most bloggers (What are blogs and how are they useful for digital marketing) keep an eye on the design and layout of their blogs to be approved by AdSense so that they can be easily monetized. However, I think this should be done and large website owners also do this.

How to Monetize a Website

But, do you know, only Adsense is not the only way to Monetize a Website but there are many other ways by which you can monetize a website and earn money online. So, here I am going to tell you ten such effective ways through which you can earn from many other sources apart from Adsense and increase your earnings manifold.

1. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: This is the most common form of website monetization. Advertisers pay a fee whenever a user clicks on their ad. This is one of the most popular methods. Websites may display advertisements from ad networks such as Google AdSense or directly from advertisers. Website owners get paid based on the number of clicks, impressions, or conversions generated by the ads.

2. Affiliate Marketing: This is the most effective and tried method of earning money from any website, which is used by millions of publishers to earn huge amount of commission from their website. In fact, it is a business model in which people have to be made aware or promoted about the services provided by a company or their products.

These can be based on popular models like Pay per click (PPC) or Cost per impression (CPI / CPM) or any other process which can be decided on the basis of negotiation between both the parties. There are countless companies in the online market that offer marketing with this type of business model.

Big companies like Amazon, Flipkart promote their products with this type of business model. If you want to know in more detail about Affiliate Marketing, then you can also read these articles given below.

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3. Sponsored post: This is one of the more effective ways of website monetization. In this, the companies are looking for such a website to make their product or service accessible to the people and want to get in touch with the website owner who matches their product or service.

In this type of monetization process, a small piece of content has to be regularly included in your main content, which tells about the company or their products, so that more people can connect with them and they can spread their business among the people. In case of payment, this can be done with Pay per click or self-defined model.

4. Selling Products: Earning money by selling products through your website can also be a good way, because in this case you are selling your goods directly and there is no involvement of any other party in it and you do not have to pay any commission to anyone, from which you can earn more money.

However, this is not as easy as it seems in listening and speaking, because for this you will need to do a little exercise separately and give more time. Such as listing of the product, method of receiving payment, and delivery of the product, all these important services will be systematically integrated with your site.

But if you have already done enough work on these and have a good and organized design that can do this work better, then you can start selling products with your website.

Elsewhere, if you’re not satisfied with your website, you can also run an online store for it, which can be easily created with a platform like Shopify.

5. Donations and Crowdfunding: If you run a website or blog or any such service that inspires people and provides them valuable information for free and your visitors appreciate you very much, then in such a situation you can take care of the maintenance of the site. You can appeal to them to donate in return.

Additionally, if you have expertise on a particular topic and share your talent with deep emotion, and people agree with you and consider you an asset, they are more likely to donate to you. There are many non-profit or social welfare organizations that appeal for such donations and people accept them with good intentions. For example The Foodbank Project, Greenpeace etc.

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6. Sell e-book: This is another possible way to monetize your website. There are many website owners who sell eBooks through their website and earn lucrative income.

For example, if you run a website that provides information or knowledge about recipes and cooking, you can create e-books on your subject and sell them through your website. Cooking is just one example that I have taken here.

There are a wide variety of profitable areas where you can start writing knowledge-sharing eBooks and show them to your visitors through your website.

7. Selling advertising space: Selling advertising space on a website means giving free space on your website as rent to a third party or company to promote your services through advertisements. Such advertisements are received through an agency or directly from the advertisers on the basis of agreement.

This type of ad is usually present at the top and bottom of websites, or between sidebars and articles. However, to get such ads or attract advertisers, you must have a large audience. Also, the navigation system and layout of the pages of your website should be of good quality so that your maturity and efficiency is reflected through the website.

In such a situation, the possibilities increase manifold that advertisers or companies will directly contact you for advertisement space and in this way, if you wish, you can also ask for the desired amount from them. You can also join an advertising network or use programmatic advertising technology to buy, manage and track online advertising in real time.

8. Flipping websites: This type of business model gives an opportunity to earn huge amount in one go. Actually, in this business you have to buy an existing website which has many possibilities for improvement, after making improvements, you have to make it capable which can be monetized and earn good money.

Or you can also create one or more websites of your own and sell them at a higher price to earn money. This is such a business model somewhat similar to the concept of flipping houses, where you buy a house or property, renovate it and sell it at a higher price.

However, Many factors are involved in this process such as Onpage/Off Page SE0 Optimization of the site, Site performance, Website Monetization, Increasing the number of visitors etc. However, website flipping is a time-consuming business model as it takes some time to make a website profitable.

But, once you have upgraded your website with all these things, now it is time to find the right customer and sell it at a good price. For this you can take the help of online marketplace like Flippa or you can also sell it privately.


However, when you Monetize a Website it must be remembered that every sponsored post is required to follow regulatory guidelines. For every sponsored post it should be clearly mentioned or labeled that it is a sponsored content, thus ensuring consumers are aware that they are viewing paid promotional content.

How to Monetize Your Website? If all the methods of website monetization mentioned in this article are done correctly, then perhaps you can build a big enterprise online. However, this may require a lot of time and will also require hard work and efforts. Apart from this, you also have to pay attention to the fact that whether online or offline, investment in every business is always risky, because in any business there is no guarantee that your investment will always give you profit, in such business Sometimes you may also feel disappointed.


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