What is backlink? backlink importance in SEO for beginners

Hello friends, welcome again to Digipole Eng. In this blog post, we will learn about backlinks in detail, and discuss upon the importance of backlinks from the point of view of search engine optimization.

If you are a beginner in search engine optimization and you don’t have enough knowledge about it or you are not familiar with they are important in SEO, then this article is especially for you.

With this blogpost, you will be able to learn about what is backlinks, what are their types, what are they used for, and also discuss how it can improve the performance of your website in search engine results.

Therefore, stay with us and read this article till the end so that you can get complete information related to backlinks.

So let’s get started and learn about these secrets.

Let us first take a look at what a backlink is.

What is backlink?

Backlink is actually a hyperlink that connects one website to another website. They are also often called inbound links. It is a miraculous part of any website in increasing the credibility and visibility of your website and your site’s performance in search engine results. Understanding the concept of backlinks is very important for those who want to increase their website’s ranking on search engines and get organic traffic.

What is backlink

How backlinks improve SEO

It plays an important role from SEO point of view and greatly impact a website’s ranking on search engine results. Let us briefly discuss some of the major roles of it in SEO:

1. Improved SEO: Backlinks play a crucial role in improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, leading to higher rankings in search results. Search engines consider them as a signal of trust and authority. 

If an established website give you a link back to your webpage, it means a signal to search engine that your site is also a valuable website or worthy and it is a kind of recommendation from others which will boost your site performance in search engine results. 

Thus, search engines can help drive more organic traffic to your website, resulting in increased visibility and potentiality for conversions as well as site visibility among your targeted visitors.

2. Increased Organic Traffic: By acquiring quality backlinks you can attract a larger audience to your website through organic search. When users search for relevant keywords search engines recognize your website as a reliable source of information if it has a strong backlink profile.

This will lead to higher chances of ranking your website and more visibility in search engine results like Google. which will ultimately drive more organic and relevant traffic to your website.

3. Enhanced Brand Visibility: Generating backlinks from reputable sources can help to explore your brand’s online presence. When your website is linked to authoritative websites related to your industry or niche, it increases your brand’s visibility among potential customers.

As a result, more and more relevant people will come across your brand through these backlinks, and they may take further interest in exploring your offerings or services.

4. Building Relationships and Partnerships: Building backlinks often involves reaching out to other website owners or bloggers within your industry or related fields. This will make a win win relationship for you and promote your businesses or services.

By collaborating or partnering with influencers, you not only receive backlinks but also opportunities for cross-promotion, guest blogging, or other collaborative initiatives. It may open opportunities that increase your audience and make people more aware of your brand.

5. Establishing Authority and Expertise: When your website earns backlinks from reputable sources, it signifies that your content is valuable and trustworthy. Which, in turn, can establish your website as an authoritative source in your industry or field.

whenever you produce high-quality content, you’ll attract backlinks, and you’ll become recognized as an expert in your field. You will get opportunities to earn more media coverage and industry recognition.

6. Positive User Experience: It can also improve the user experience on your website. When visitors visit to your website through those backlinks and find relevant, valuable, and trustworthy resources across your site, most probably, they view your website as a trustworthy source of information, which makes those visitors more likely to return again and again on your website.

This positive user experience can lead to longer visit duration, and your site’s bounce rate is also likely to be lower, which can result in increased visitor engagement with your site, which is considered better from the point of view of SEO metrics. 

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Types of backlinks

Basically, they are divided into two different categories:

First is No-follow backlinks and second is Do-follow backlinks.

No-follow are those links that tell Google that you are not completely sure about the quality of the webpage you are linking to and you are not guaranteeing that page.

Do-follow are those links that tell Google that you consider that page to be a quality page and that you are supporting that page. Do-follow backlinks have great importance from an SEO point of view and are more powerful than no-follow backlinks.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

In fact, search engines like Google use a complex algorithm to determine the relevancy and authority of a website. It works like a voting from one site to another. When a reputable website links to your site, it is actually a signal to search engines meaning with that your content is valuable, which provides a positive impact on your rankings.

It not only improve your SEO but also bring you referral traffic. When a visitor clicks on your backlink present on another site, that visitor gets re-directed from the other site to your site and in this way the number of visitors to your site gradually starts increasing.

Additionally, search engine bots use them to discover new webpages. When a webpage is linked to another reputable site, search engine crawlers show more interest in indexing that page. This approach is beneficial, especially for newly built websites.

Quality backlinks from an authoritative website matter a lot for your site. That is why it is always good to focus on gathering quality and relevant backlinks from authority sites rather than quantity.

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How to get Quality backlinks?

Now the question arises that how to collect quality backlinks? So for this you will need to pay more attention to some things. Such as

No -1: Quality Content – The first strategy of high-quality link-building is quality content which attracts visitors the most and if they like the content, they can share it on other platforms, which creates an opportunity for you to get built-in and natural backlinks.

No -2: Guest Blogging – Do guest blogging for any authoritative websites related to your industry. There are many such a websites that offer guest posting. You can associate yourself with such websites and do guest blogging for them, which gives you a chance to add a link to your site on that website, which is going to be a high quality backlink for you. Remember,  your guest post must be informative and relevant that serve value to the visitors of that website.

No -3: Broken Link Building – Identify broken links on other websites related to your niche and contact the owner of that site and offer to link your high-quality relevant content in place of that broken link.

No -4: Social Media Promotion – Share your content on social media platforms. However, social sharing does not have a direct impact on your SEO improvement, but can increases the visibility of your site, which makes your site visible to more and more people and creates an opportunity to connect with people.

No -5: Build Relationships – Try to build relationships with bloggers and influencers related to your niche. This increases the opportunities you for natural link-building on your site.

No -6: Participate in Online Communities – Join online communities, forums and discussion boards related to your field, and involve yourself in online discussions.

No -7: Submit to Directories – Submit your website to relevant and reputable directories.

No -8: Analyze Competitor – Analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles using tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Identify where they are getting them from and try to reach out to those sources.

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Remember, building a natural backlink profile takes time so you will need to be patient. Always focus on creating quality content and avoid methods that search engines view as spam.

Hopefully, you will have got all the information related to backlinks through this article. If you have any questions or suggestions related to backlinks, then comment to us. Apart from this, if you found this article helpful then please like and share this article. So see you again with such a knowledgeable article. Till then bye.


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