15 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in India

If you are looking for the Best Affiliate Marketing platforms in India for a fixed income online, then undoubtedly it is one of the smart ways to make money online. And today many publishers do the same through their website or blog as a good source of fixed income. This work can be done by joining any affiliate program in the world.

Apart from this, if you want to earn money online by joining any affiliate networks offered in India, then you just need to gather information about the Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in India and join them. However, there are many affiliate marketing providers in the world who offer you to join their programs.

But some of the affiliate networks may be beneficial for you and some may be useless. That is why thorough research is needed before joining any affiliate program so that you can take maximum advantage of them and your income continues to increase. But finding good and quality affiliate programs is a difficult task. And that is why, to make your work easier, here in this article we have prepared a list of some best affiliate marketing platforms in India, which you can use for your affiliate earnings.

best affiliate marketing platforms in india
best affiliate marketing platforms in India or affiliate networks

Why Should You Join Affiliate Marketing Program?

As a publisher, there are many reasons to join an affiliate marketing program. Here are some concrete benefits of getting involved in affiliate marketing to grow your digital business.

  • To increase traffic to your site

This will be a great way to increase traffic to your site. This way, you will be able to present your online business to more people, as well as brand your business. By participating in such programs, you can increase traffic to your website apart from affiliate business with your content.

  • Increase in revenue

Another great benefit of joining an affiliate marketing program is that along with other sources of income for your site, a new source of income will be associated with you in the form of an affiliate commission which will ultimately increase your total income. By promoting your affiliate products more effectively, you can generate steady and assured revenue. And the more traffic you generate, the higher your earning potential.

  • certainty of income

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it is a great source of fixed income. Once you have built a solid base among your target audience with your affiliate marketing strategy, you will continue to make money even if you are away from work for a while.

And all of these are just a few of the benefits of joining an affiliate program. There are many more benefits of participating in an affiliate marketing program or affiliate networks that you will feel yourself when you join a good or trustworthy affiliate program. So, if you are going to decide to monetize your website, affiliate marketing is clearly worth considering.

  • Possibility of high returns without cost

Usually, there is no need for any kind of fee to attend an affiliate program. Apart from this, there is no need for a lot of costs to run an affiliate marketing campaign nor does any additional resources. Just you have to install the affiliate link in strategic ways within your existing web page and as it is a commission-based program, you will continue to get a commission for every successful sale.

What is Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate marketing is a technique to earn money online based on the referral system. In which the business offers to highlight or promote its products and services based on the referral commission for websites related to its products.

Which involves the redirection of customers on the seller’s website with a Unique ID (hyperlink) and the money is paid as a commission when successful in sales. If it is said in an easier way, websites promoting the products or services of others are called partners of the company’s Affiliate Marketing Program.

What will be needed to start Affiliate Marketing?

In today’s modern and changing digital world, if you are still thinking that you cannot earn money online without your own products, then you are absolutely wrong. There are many great ways to earn money by joining yourself online today, and the best way out of them is joining affiliate networks, which is used by many people for their fixed income and you can do the same. Just you need to start a blog /website or it can be started with your existing one too.

In this article, I will tell you about some of such Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in India, by joining these affiliate networks can start your online earning, and also tell you some great tips too, to use so that you can increase your affiliate sales. So, stay with us and read this article completely.

Things to keep in mind before joining the Affiliate Program

While choosing any affiliate program, you need to give special consideration to the following topics.

  • How appropriate is the product to your audience?

Before joining any affiliate marketing program, you need to make sure that the products you want to promote among your audience are suitable for them. Any product that you want to sell to your audience. Are they really interested in such products? For example, let’s say your topic is related to technology and you are promoting a product related to health, then it will not be suitable for your audience. In such a situation, the audience is more likely to leave rather than join you. Because it may feel that you don’t understand their problems properly and you are unable to help them.

  • Ways to promote affiliate products

After identifying a suitable product, your next task is how to promote those affiliate links. However, not all affiliate marketing programs are the same and the methods of promoting them are also different. Some affiliate programs have conditions and you have to work according to those conditions. For example, in some cases, you are not allowed to run campaigns on Google.

And it is left to you to follow the conditions given by them, that what method you have taken to promote the product which can give you a good result.

  • Commission Payment Methods

The main reason to join any affiliate network is to earn a commission and it is the result of the hard work you put in. There are many affiliate marketing programs that offer hefty commissions, but some of these may not support your country’s payment system. Such as the PayPal payment system.

Therefore, whenever join any affiliate program, first of all, examine its payment method seriously.

  • Check out the commission rate

Before joining any Affiliate Program, you should also check their commission rates so that you can get a fair price for your hard work. As an affiliate promoter, the commission rate matters a lot to you as you invest your time, resources, and energy in it.

Some affiliate programs offer higher commission rates, and some have lower. However, it all depends on the category of the product or service. These vary according to your niche. Some affiliate programs offer one-time commissions and some have recurring commissions.

  • Cookie duration

Another important thing is that should pay attention to the cookie duration. When visitors click on one of your affiliate links, they need a period of time to make the purchase complete. If one of your visitors completes those purchases within this period, you will earn a commission on that purchase. From any purchase outside of this time duration, you will be deprived of earning such a commission. This is basically the direct meaning of the cookie term.

In fact, the cookie duration affects the amount you could have received as commission. Therefore, it is very important to know the cookie duration before joining any affiliate program. It is always better to have a longer life of the cookie so that you have enough time to earn commissions.

  • Minimum payment threshold

In fact, in many affiliate programs, publishers have to wait to reach a certain amount of their commission. And every affiliate has not had so much patience that can wait to reach a certain amount to achieve the commission. As soon as they earn a commission, they like to get it immediately. However, there are some affiliate programs that do not have a minimum payment limit.

How to start Affiliate marketing?

Starting work as an affiliate marketer is not a difficult task. You just have to require to follow the steps given below.

  • Sign up with a quality affiliate program:-

In the next part of this blog post, I have suggested a total of 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in India, which you can use to start your affiliate journey.

  • Prepare better content:-

The most important task for affiliate marketing is not only sharing the affiliate links only but, to creating quality content. To attract buyers and help them make better decisions, you need to write about the product along with the reviews. This will helps you look different from others and make you a better seller.

  • Add affiliate link with Blog Post:-

After completing the above-mentioned work, now the next work has to be adding these links on your website as well as a post on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in India

Till now you have learned the basics of Affiliate Marketing. Now the final step is to know which are the Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in India from where you can start your online earning. Here is the best affiliate marketing platforms or affiliate networks list below:

So, let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate marketing platforms in India.

  1. Amazon Associates

There is no doubt that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. And almost, everyone is familiar with this brand. They have spread their business in almost every country and are earning their profits from the sale of the product.

amazon best affiliate marketing platform in india
amazon best affiliate marketing platform in India

But not everyone knows that money can also be earned from Amazon. Yes, you can earn money as a commission by joining amazon associates or affiliate programs. You don’t need any payment to join amazon associates. Just sign up for it and promote the product. However, Amazon is full of thousands of products and they offer different types of commissions. You can choose them accordingly.

Once you have signed up for the affiliate program, you will get an advanced feature called SiteStripe to generate product links that will magically create an affiliate link for the product you have chosen. After all this, you have to publish those links with your blog post.

2. Flipkart Affiliate Program.

“Flipkart” is one of the best e-marketing platform in India. They have enough products for Affiliate Camping which can easily attract customers. In addition, essential features like its better tracking system, always timely commission payment, and prompt assistance have made it more acceptable.

To make the Flipkart affiliate program more efficient and flexible, it has a wide range of tools available. Such as: creating a banner, widget, or a featured listing on your site, etc. In addition, you can also use their API to access all the features of Flipkart.

3. Cuelinks

It is an India-based affiliate networks. With this, you can earn money by participating in the sale on a commission basis. This is also a marketing merchant site like Amazon and Flipkart.

It is very easy to set up, it takes just a few minutes, this platform is ideal for both bloggers and affiliate marketers. If you are a blogger then you can earn a lot of money in the form of commission with your blog by using it.

4. Rakuten Marketing

This is one of the leading Affiliate Marketing Service Provider Platform. There is a large paid, performance-based affiliate marketing network that provides various publishers and some tutorials for their better performance, which helps in doubling your earnings.

It allows you to monetize your content with link text, banners with rotating features, and search boxes. It provides you with a fixed weekly payment system at a minimum threshold level.

5. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify affiliate program is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms at this moment. It has gained wide popularity and credibility across the globe.

Basically, you will earn by promoting the platform. Along with creating an account on this Affiliates platform, you will get a special link to promote them through your blog or on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. When a customer signs up for Shopify through this link, then you will earn a commission.

6. vCommission Affiliate program

It is one of India’s fastest-growing affiliate networks. vCommission Affiliate program is the first international CPA network in India to display advertisements worldwide. This always provides continuous assistance to advertisers and publishers and helps to move CPA marketing to another level.

To help advertisers and publishers, it chooses the right offers according to its own. It is one of the digitally recognized networks in India. It is an open platform for publishers and advertisers from all over the world.

7. Optimize Affiliate Network

If you like to earn more money from online sources, Optimise Affiliate Marketing Network Platform is a good and reliable platform. They include most of the world’s famous brands and popular products on their platform.

For newbies, it is very easy to start and work with it. It pays your earned commission on time in your chosen currency and also provides advice and help when needed. A fully visible dashboard always displays real-time results on sales and commissions.

8. Reseller Club Affiliate Program

It is the largest reseller hosting company in India and the best affiliate marketing platforms for beginners. By connecting with this affiliate marketing platform, you can earn a minimum of 2,000 and a maximum of 8,000 per referral. After sign-up with ResellerClub affiliate program, it provide a Unique Affiliate ID. Using this you can manage your account and track your performance.

Its tracking cookie is counted based on the final click and the cookies records are valid for the next 60 days.

9. Admitad Advertisement program

Admitad is a globally authorized affiliate network organization. It connects publishers with many renowned brands across the globe. It works with renowned brands in India like Samsung, Tata Cliq, Bata, and Myntra.

It allows publishers to monetize their content with social media such as YouTube, Telegram, email newsletters, and many other online traffic sources. It also provides a variety of business models for publishers to monetize their content including affiliate advertising, Coupons, Promo codes, Banner Ads, etc.

10. Sovrn Commerce

It is a powerful content monetization and Affiliate Marketing Network Platform. With the use of this platform, you can earn commission by promoting the product through your website or blog. When you start using Sovrn Commerce, you don’t need to monetize your content separately.

This platform automatically monetizes the URL. Using this, you can also monetize your URLs in your social media accounts.

11. Bigrock affiliate programs

It is the largest and most popular web hosting provider company in India. when you attend the Bigrock Affiliate program you will get a chance to earn a good commission for every successful sale. Once you set up their affiliate program, you can promote their products in many ways.

Bigrock pays a commission on every successful purchase made by customers sent through the Referral URL link to each publisher.

12. Hostinger India Affiliate Program

This is the best and better commission payment hosting platform in India. Hostinger affiliate program gives an opportunity to earn a commission by signing up for its various hosting plans. Its commission is based on Pay-Per-Sale. It provides all the necessary equipment to help monetize your traffic.

Its sign-up process is so easy that, it takes only a few minutes to complete it. With this, you can earn up to INR 5000 per sale. When you join the “Hostinger” Affiliate program, you will get many banners and links to display on your site. When a user clicks on your link, they are brought to the original website of Hostinger, and its activity is tracked by their software.

13. Godaddy affiliate programs

Godaddy is a famous domain and hosting provider company all over the world. It has spent a big budget on its advertising and brand promotion. However, it is basically, known as a domain registrar.

There is also an affiliate program of Godaddy. It provides a lower rate on its hosting sale, as compared to other hosting affiliate programs. However, you can earn good money on its domain registration.

14. Siteground affiliate programs

It is one of the most popular and highly rated web hosting service provider. There are so many features, that make Siteground a famous web hosting provider company. It is easy to use which makes it users easy to create a blog or website with WordPress.

This Affiliate program offers the highest commission for the publishers. You can earn more commission than your better performance with the “Siteground” affiliate. You can earn a large amount by joining the Siteground web hosting Affiliate program.

15. Yatra Affiliate Programs

It is an ideal platform for publishers who want to run their affiliate program with a Traveling blog. You can sign up for this program for free on Yatra affiliate and earn a good commission by promoting them on your website or blog.

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Hope you got all the information related to the Best Affiliate Marketing Platform in India. While choosing an affiliate marketing platform, always keep in mind that all affiliate programs are not the same. Each affiliate has different types of offers. Therefore, before joining any affiliate program, you must see the terms, conditions, and payment policies given on their main website.

If you have any queries or suggestions related to the Best Affiliate Marketing Platform in India, please comment to us and also share this article with your friends. To get more information related to Affiliate Marketing please, subscribe to our blog.


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