10 best free WordPress plugins that you must have

Are you wondering how to grow your online business with your WordPress website for free? In this article, I will tell you how can you grow your online business using some best free WordPress plugins.

We all know that creating a website these days is not a very difficult task, you just need to use a free CMS platform like WordPress and get a high-quality hosting service to host the site. Is that so?
But you know when the real thing comes out when none of your website’s URLs get anywhere in the Google search engine and you get frustrated. There are many newbies who can’t get out of this problem and their dream of building an online career ends before it even starts.

Most of the time newbies are not aware of the basic strategies to succeed online, which is why they fall into these problems. But rest assured, if you are persistent in your work, we can help you a lot in this regard. This article discusses all the things that most people don’t pay attention to. Also, this article contains secret tips to build a successful career online absolutely free. So read this article completely and know all the secret tips that will help you to succeed in the coming days.

Things that you should care about when running a WordPress site

WordPress is the best platform as it allows publishers to build their websites, according to their own style. Almost every type of website you can build through WordPress.The main advantage of WordPress is that it cares about creators a lot, even though it is totally a free platform. The plugin is such an essential element that provides almost everything that you need to do within your website.

According to the official source, 59,913 free plugins have been registered in WordPress to the day.

Now, the question is how could you find out which plugin should you have for your project from this huge list? That’s why I have written this article, especially for the newbies.


Before using a plugin you should make confirm what you are going to implement on your website and how much you have to need for this particular plugin. Why I am telling you that because using many plugins may decrease your website loading speed. So, you should always use those plugins that you have really needed. In addition download plugin always from thier original source.

What thing should focus on when customizing your website?

Although, there are lots of things that should focus on when customizing your WordPress site and that are highly time-consuming. Some customizations are not a single or two days task. such as off-page SEO, even sometimes on-page SEO too, because of its ongoing process occurrence.

Whatever Here I have listed the main aspects of customization with the help of the best free WordPress plugins for a website and these are as follows:

1. Performance of website:

Website performance is a measurement process that reflects how quickly your web pages load and display in a user’s web browser. A faster website always gets priorities for any search engine. Besides that, A Good website performance is a key to any successful website as it gains the first impression of your online business that your visitors experience.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

First impressions always matter for how users feel about your website as well as your business. In this regard, website optimization is the way for improving any website’s performance. A quality cache plugin may help to be faster your website. LiteSpeed is one of such best cache plugin that as I experienced and the major parts of its service is absolutely free.

2. Security of website:

Security of a website is most important to keep maintain a website’s performance and keeping visitors safe. Without website security, your online presence can be affected. Because an unsecured website can be easily hacked by hackers. Which can have a direct impact on your financial standing, and your brand reputation. So, it is important to have a secure web application or firewall activated on your website to prevent these attacks.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

Most web hosting packages don’t pay much attention to the security of the website. And that is why the responsibility for the security of the website lies on the owners of the website themselves. This is the reason why you have to pay special attention to the security aspect while setting up a website. If you are not serious about the security of your website, then it can become a golden opportunity for cybercriminals.

So, here I suggest the best free WordPress plugins iThemes which can provide one of the best security to your website.

3. Design or look of the website:

Web design is the process of creating website layouts that decide how they will appear to the user and how the content of the website will be displayed. Web design focuses on making the website more visible, attractive, and flexible as well as easy to use for the user.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

Website design is made using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVA, and many other languages. In simple words, how it looks on the internet, color combination, fonts, image display, video display, i.e. everything from header to footer depends on website design. However, there are plenty of pre-made templates available on the internet with a wide variety both paid and free. But, if you want something special or a more professional look, you will need a web builder software tool and Elementor is considered by far the best web builder in the entire WordPress community.

4. SEO optimization of a website:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the master keys to ranking your website higher in search engines. This is the only way to get organic and free traffic on your website. But, SEO maintenance is not a single-handed task.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

You need to keep up always with the latest SEO developments to compete with the competitors. In such a situation you have to require a high-quality on-page SEO maintenance tool and the good news is that there are plenty of such excellent tools that will help to grow your search engine visibility for free. As a newbie, I personally suggest you go with the industry’s best on-page SEO tool Yoast.

5. Website backup:

Website backup is a way to store and protect your website content externally. This method allows you to save your site files such as webpages, images, and databases to a computer, external hard drive device, or cloud storage.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

Backup is an important part of a secure website. Suppose it ever happens to you that due to some reason your site is not visible on the internet or got hacked by a hacker or the server crashed. That’s why it’s important to have a backup file with you to restore your site. Fortunately, there are some such tools or plugins for WordPress sites that will automatically create regular backup files for you. And one of the most popular and best free WordPress plugins for this is Updraft.

6. Website Marketing:

Website marketing is a strategy to promote your site and thereby drive traffic to your website. Most established websites nowadays use this technique to attract visitors to their websites. A well-planned website marketing strategy can rank your website higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) as well as increase your business.

A good ranking in SERPs means a lot of opportunities for your business.

Although, there are various such techniques to promote your website among your target users, but here I am going to tell you some popular methods that you can easily implement on your website that too for free.

  • Social Media Marketing(SMM):

There was a time when social media was used only as a medium of entertainment. But with the increase in the number of users on social media platforms, the concept of marketing has gradually evolved.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

Even a few years ago, social media mediums were used only for the purpose of increasing website traffic and broadcasting content.

Today social media is full of potential customers who are suitable for your business or product. So, it is important that you have a social sharing button on your pages to allow users to spread them into various social media platforms to boost or expand your business. In that case, Sassy Social Share can help you lots for free.

  • Content Marketing:

Content marketing is also another marketing strategy, that helps attract and keep engaging users with your business or services. It is a strategy of developing relevant content repeatedly and distributing them to the right users with the expectation to convert them into a consumer.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

Simultaneously, This approach also establishes your brand awareness, to keep remembering your business in the visitor’s mind.

Content marketing is to be done by sending notifications of useful content such as blog posts, using newsletters, email marketing, and video content to make convince potential visitors. For doing all this work Mailchimp is the industries leading such tool or plugin that can make your site popular over the internet world.

7. Marketing Analytics.

Marketing analytics is an evaluation of the performance of the business activity. With this technology, marketing-related data can be analyzed and understand what initiatives should be taken as action to grow one’s business, and how one can get a good return on investment during the marketing campaigns.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

It’s the best way to understand your customer behavior upon your business strategies. So if you have such an online business and working on such campaigns then you must have a tool that gives a complete report on your website performance. So for that, ‘site kit’ is one of the best solutions. The specialty of this plugin is that you can observe Google Analytics, Search Console, and the Speed of your website loading within a single dashboard. Even, if you implement AdSense with your website then can also observe its data. And Site Kit by Google is the most trustable because this plugin is provided by google itself.

8. Content Layout & Style.

WordPress Block Editor Also known as Gutenberg Blocks, this editor is a new-age editor for adding content to your WordPress site. It has made it quite easy for the user to publish content on their WordPress website.

With the launch of WordPress 5.0 in December 2018, the classic editor was removed and the WordPress block editor was set as the default editor. Now to use Classic Editor, you need to install Classic Editor separately via the plugin.

best free WordPress plugins that you must have
best free WordPress plugins that you must have

Since then Gutenberg Block Editor has remained the default block editor of WordPress. However, this default block editor is very powerful and available with many feathers. But, you can turn it into your own custom block editor with more feathers if you want. And for this, you can use a free plugin known as PublishPress Blocks.

This plugin provides your WordPress block editor with many extra features that can be used to make your pages and posts more attractive. Furthermore, these plugins can help you easily control all the content-related elements like the layout of your blocks, paragraphs, images, titles, lists, videos, galleries, etc.

9. Affiliate marketing.

Every person running a website on the Internet aspires to earn money. This can be through publishing ads on blog posts, selling your own product, promoting a third-party product, or many other methods.

But, in today’s time if you aspire to earn a certain income from your online activity, then there is nothing better than becoming an affiliate marketer. The biggest feature of affiliate marketing is that for this you do not need any product of your own, because you earn by encouraging people to someone else’s products. If you are not yet associated with any affiliate marketing, then I think you should join yourself with a good commissioned affiliate marketing program.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

But, one problem of affiliate marketing is that for this you get a product-specific id link from the brands which you have to add in your blog post which is quite long and boring. But, in such a situation, Pretty Links can help you a lot. This is a plugin that makes these ugly-looking links professional and look good.

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10. Engagement with visitors.

A contact form is actually vital to growing your online business. A contact form is a type of form on any website to let allows people to make contact through it with the site admin. Any visitor can fill out the form with a message and send it to the site owner.

best free WordPress plugins
best free WordPress plugins

Through this form, an email message is to be generated and sent to the site owner’s email inbox. This makes it easy for the site owner to get messages from visitors without spam to their email addresses. For that WPForms is one of the best free options to implement on any website.

Final Thought

In this article, I tried to suggest the best free WordPress plugins to make your website professional and as well as help to make your online journey successful. Although, it is to be notable that all the suggested plugins are available for free with their own limitations but if you like to extend their features on your website you need to get paid subscription.

Hope the article, “best free WordPress plugins” helped you a lot to learn about WordPress plugins easy way. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the best free WordPress plugins please comment on us without any hesitation, we will try to answer back as soon as possible. If you like to get more such kinds of value-added articles, please subscribe to us.


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